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Harrington Seaberg 4 Way Signal

This 4 way became a part of The Traffic Signal Museum in July 2005. It was purchased from an Ebay seller in Ohio.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the condition of the signal as it was received.

The first step was to get the glass reflectors out so they would not be broken. 
There were many broken screws in this signal and many screws
 also had to be heated with a torch to get them out without breaking them.

Next came the removal of the light socket assembly.

The removal of the doors and sandblasting process is not shown here.

The roof is marked with N S E W directions.

Now to add a permanent cable with seven wires inside so that the signal can be permanently wired
to the sockets which are added next. The reflectors in this signal are mounted with screws and metal
tabs, which makes access to the wiring inside the signal much more difficult than in signals where
the reflectors are mounted in a frame that swings out.

The signal originally had four pieces of felt in each frame hole for the reflectors to rest on so they didn't come in direct contact with the metal frame. Thin craft foam was used in the restoration instead of felt.

To the right you can see a couple of reflectors have been added and in the picture below, you can see six reflectors have been added with the view being from the rear of the reflectors, looking through the signal.


The reflectors in this signal are thicker than any other glass reflectors I have seen in other signals. All of the reflectors had to be resilvered before being reinstalled in the signal.

And finally, the porthole doors, lenses and visors were added after hanging the signal.

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