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Crouse Hinds Type D 4 Way Beacon

Here are some pictures of my Crouse Hinds beacon showing the condition of the parts when I received them.

This is the body of the signal that I bought from a seller on ebay that I also got my 2 section 4 way from.

4 way section minus a top and bottom

I bought this bottom from a different person who also sold me the top portion and hanger. I knew the bottom was damaged before I bought it. It was hard to locate these parts without them being on an entire signal so that is why I decided to buy the damaged piece and try to fix it.

CH 4 way bottom with damage

damaged 4 way bottom piece

damaged CH bottom piece

Here are some pics of all the external parts before I started working on them.

all the external parts before restoration

external parts assembled before restoration

Now here is the hard part. I took the broken bottom piece and made 3 aluminum pieces to approximately fit the corner that was busted off and had them welded on. I also had the cracks grooved out and filled up with aluminum weld. Below are the results after the welding.

after welding top view

after welding inside view

After the welding is done, then the task is to sand and machine the welded parts and the weld in the cracks so that you cannot tell that the piece was ever welded! Check out the next pics and see how the bottom turned out.

fixed weld pic #1

fixed weld pic #2

fixed weld pic #3

I did not try to cover up the weld on the inside of the bottom piece so that when this beacon changes ownership it will be obvious that the part was damaged at one time and cannot be sold as mint condition.

fixed weld pic #4

Finally, after fixing the bottom part, all that was left to do was repaint all the parts and assemble them for the final result shown below!


Originally posted on 5-23-2001

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