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A Day Trip In The Hood

On June 16th, 2006 a fellow signalfan named Joe and myself took a ride down to the hood.
I caught some photos of Detroit's lack of signal maintenance, a couple classic Eaglelux clusters still in use,
and I also shot some video of a few abandon buildings.

Go to the video page to see "A Day Trip In The Hood", a short video I shot along 
McNichols (6 mile) between Dequindre and Davison East in Detroit. The video 
shows four abandon buildings, three of which are houses and one is also burned out.

Here is an old 3 way Eaglelux signal and the controller that currently has it in flash mode.
Notice the controller door is missing and a piece of plywood has been put up in place of the door.

Below you can see we found a signal that appeared to be disconnected and was half falling off of the pole.

You can still find a lot of 9 inch Eagle pedestrian signals left in the city limits and a lot of them are green.

Here are a couple more Eaglelux heads. Notice the lighter yellow paint.

At one bend in a road, there were warning beacons hung to warn drivers. 
They were not working and one of the two was in sad shape.

Here is a cluster of Marbelite signals that apparently was hit by a truck. The yellow section that is loose was still working!

A lot of the old timers in Detroit are finally being replaced with modern Durasig 12" signals.

This poor thing has seen better days. 4 missing visors and a shot out green lens.

On 6-24-07 three other signalfans (Ryan, Joe and Larry) and myself made another trip down south of 8 mile (the northern border of Detroit) and took some pictures of what is left of the older signals which are rapidly disappearing!

This next photo shows how a tree has overgrown into the signal.

And below is a close up showing the shot out green lens.

Next we see one of very few old timers that are still in good shape.
This one happens to be an Econolite cluster.

This next signal looks as if it were put together out of spare parts.

An older Eagle pedestrian signal with bent visors.

A couple rare signals in Detroit...most are always yellow. 
Sadly this one won't be around much longer.

Here are some very rare signals. They will also be replaced soon. GE Novolux's. 
These signals are all one piece bodies with a decorative end on the backs.

Originally posted on 6-17-2006

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