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5 Light Dog House Style Traffic Signal

This is an example of a 5 light traffic signal with 2 turn arrow indications and 3 ball indications. Put your mouse over the picture to turn on all the lights. Below is an animation of how this signal functions.
Dog house style signal animation This 5 light signal was actually built by me out of these 2 regular 3 section signals. They are 8 inch lens signals made out of cast aluminum. The doors on these are black and the bodies are yellow. The manufacturer is TCT which stands for Traffic Control Technologies. TCT took over traffic signals from Crouse Hinds. The bodies of these signals are a perfect match to one other signal I have that has Crouse Hinds on it.

Why did I put together my own 5 light signal you ask? Well, I will tell you! I have seen all kinds of traffic signals on ebay. I have even seen 5 light dog house signals similar to this one, but they all had 12 inch lenses and that makes for a very big space hog in a basement so I bought the 2 individual 3 section heads with 8 inch lenses and custom made my own brackets to hold them all together. This way I have a 5 light signal that fits better in my basement. 8 inch lenses aluminum TCT signal heads

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