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Econolite 2 way outdoor display


Here are a couple views of one of the signals from the 2 way cluster as it was when I acquired it. 
I sandblasted both signals and painted them ACE brand School Bus Yellow.

Econolite before repainting

Econolite before repainting

Once I repainted the signals, I dug a hole in the back yard, put a cement slab in the bottom and placed some pipe in a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with cement. We had some windy days shortly after I installed this set up and it didn't seem to have a problem thankfully!


Hole for the stand

1 1/2 inch pipe stand

Here is a picture of the controller I am using with this set up. It was built out of Radio Shack parts. It is the same design as the other timer I built except this one has 4 timers instead of 3 in order to do the 2 separate phases.

2 phase home made controller

Here is the final result! 

It was a beautiful Autumn day for planting a traffic signal!

2 way setup in Autumn

A view of the set up during Winter.
Put your mouse on the picture below for a different view.

2 way setup in Winter

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