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G. E. 4 Way Beacon

This is a 4 way beacon made by G. E.

GE 4 way beacon

Below are a couple of pictures of it before it was repainted. The exact age of this signal is not known, but it could have been made in the 1930's or 1940's. Econolite took over G. E.'s signals in the 1950's so this signal is probably at least 50-55 years old.



The lenses in this signal are all red and are original glass with the GE logo embossed on the front of the lens.
The reflectors in this signal are made of glass and unlike any other glass reflectors I have seen in traffic signals. They have a very unique shape to them as you can see below.


reflector back

A unique feature of G. E. 4 way signals is the option of a light being installed in the bottom of the signal. Some have said that this was so a policeman could be easily seen directing traffic at night if there was a problem with the signal.

bottom light

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