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Welcome! This site displays a private collection of over 80 vehicle and pedestrian traffic signals, or traffic lights. Most people don't realize how many different types and makes of signals there are. This site shows some of these, and there are many more that are not in this collection. Still, there is a lot to see here! Explore the site from the links below and enjoy yourself!

The Traffic Signal Museum is the name of the site, it is not a real museum. For more information click here.

A YouTube video of this collection from the Summer of 2014 and an updated video from December 2020 have been added to the video page.
Some of the signals and controllers on this site have been sold. They are being kept up on the site for information purposes.

Four Way
Traffic Signals

Four Way

Single Face
Traffic Signals


3M Programmable
Visibility Signals

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This site originally came online in the summer of 2000.

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