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Marbelite 4 Way Signal

This 4 way became a part of The Traffic Signal Museum in December of 2003. It has had four different owners in the last few years.

Marbelite 4 way

This signal was found in the warehouse of Twin Green by Francis K.  Francis was informed that this signal saw service somewhere in the state of Kansas. Below is a picture of how it looked when Francis bought it. 

Francis gave the signal a new paint job as seen below.

For one reason or another, Francis decided to sell this signal in 2003 and it appeared on Ebay. Another signal collector by the name of Chris purchased it. Then shortly after that, Chris decided to sell the signal and it ended up in The Traffic Signal Museum. Because of all the traveling the signal did after the first repaint, the signal was scratched up some and needed to be repainted again. The signal was sandblasted in January of 2004. Since painting weather was still a few months away, the signal was reassembled for a few months unpainted.

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