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Econolite - ICC Neon Pedestrian Signal

Econolite/ICC Neon Pedestrian Signal

 Econolite/ICC Neon Pedestrian Signal 

This signal has neon tubes as it's source for illumination.
The neon tubes are protected inside a plastic body that is easily removed from the main body of the signal.

  Modular insert transformers 

The neon tubes are powered by the two transformers shown above. One transformer is for the red DONT WALK indication.
The other transformer lights up the WALK indication.
The 4 glass sockets are for power contacts that stick out of the back of the plastic body. When the body is in place each contact touches a spring inside the socket that is wired to it's respective transformer.
modular insert back

The insert in this signal was made by ICC as you can see above. I was informed in August of 2003 by a founder of Indicator Controls Corp that ICC started out by having these plastic insert kits made and put them in old Econolite housings.

  socket for modular insert contacts

 modular insert removed from signal 

There is one neon tube in the top half of the plastic body for red DONT and two neon tubes in the bottom half for the WALK indication in WHITE and RED. The one that is shaped like the word walk is white for the WALK indication. When the signal displays DONT WALK, the tubes shaped like the word walk turn off and the horizontal tubes behind the walk shaped tube light up in red.

face of modular insert removed, exposing neon tubes


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