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First, before you send me an email, let me try to address a few popular questions or subjects that come up often.


***If you would like to get your own traffic signal, but don't know where to look... ***

First of all, the signals on this site are not for sale, nor do I have any parts for sale.
You can try searching on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or go back to the opening page of this site and use the pull down menu that says  
The two entries near the top of the menu that start with USED TRAFFIC SIGNALS AND PARTS would also be a good place to start looking.

***If you would like to get your own signal working like the ones on the street do,***

try the website, or search for circuit board controllers on eBay.

***If you are emailing me to ask me how much your signal is worth, please don't.***

 There is no "blue book" in which to find the value of a signal. A signal is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
That said, ebay sees a lot of traffic signals of different makes and types. A 4 way signal on ebay can go for a couple hundred, to a couple thousand dollars
depending on condition and just how many people are interested in the signal.


***If you are emailing me to ask to use pictures from this site,***

please be as specific as possible as to which picture it is you want to use and please tell me what you would like to use the picture for.


Please kindly put EMAIL THE TRAFFICSIGNALMUSEUM in your subject or 

I may mistake your email for spam and delete it without reading it. Thanks for your co-operation.

To email the webmaster, use the following address...

jab8356 AT comcast DOT net

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