The Traffic Signal Museum

The Traffic Signal Museum is not an official museum. Although it could be considered a museum by the definition in the dictionary: "A room or building which houses historical items", it is strictly a private collection owned by the web master of this web site. It is not open to the public. All of the signals in the collection were obtained legally. Some of the signals pictured have been sold off. I keep the pictures and information about the sold signals on the site for information purposes. If you are looking to buy a traffic signal, near the bottom of the opening page, just below the forum banner, there is a drop down menu with links to other traffic signal related sites. There are two entries that say "Used traffic signals and parts" One of those would be a good place to start looking!

How this web site began...

In the fall of 1999, I set out on the Internet to see if I could find any info on obtaining used traffic signals. I wanted to add a signal or two to the first one I had owned since around 1985. It didn't take much searching and I found After a couple of emails with "Signalfan" he directed me to ebay and the collection soon started to grow. In the summer of 2000 a web page was published containing animated pictures of the collection. Eventually, as the collection grew, there were too many pictures on one page for a standard modem internet connection, so the signals were categorized on different pages and the web site was born. At first the site address was a hard to remember blah blah, so after much consideration the name of The Traffic Signal Museum was chosen for the site and domain was purchased in the Spring of 2002.

The Fine Print...

All of the content of is copyrighted by the webmaster of the site. Some material on the site, which is not originally authored by this webmaster, is the property of the website or person noted.

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