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Crouse Hinds PCN100 Controller

Here is the 6th controller I've added to this collection. It is somewhat similar to the KS controller, but newer.

It has a single dial like the Marbelite MN-20 and Eagle EF-15. The timing of the dial can be changed by changing a gear inside the gray box. This controller is currently set up to do a 2 phase intersection without pedestrian signals, but with red overlap of the vehicle signals. So there are six keys on the dial to advance the cam and change the signals.

Below is the camshaft which is very similar to the camshaft in a Crouse Hinds KS controller. The metal tabs can be removed and reused when a cam needs to be reconfigured, unlike cams in Eagle and Marbelite controllers which have to be thrown away when reconfiguration takes place.

Here is the back panel. I currently don't have any signals hooked up to this controller except for a beacon off of the flasher which bleached out in this picture. The flasher is a pre-NEMA solid state flasher and can be seen better in the above picture. It is the gold colored square shaped component in the top center.

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