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Neon Pedestrian Signals

Neon Econolite pedestrian signals.

The first signal has an Econolite body and a modular neon unit made by ICC. The second signal, my favorite, has tubes that are bent in the shape of the commands. 
You can see more about either one by clicking on each picture. The third one has an identical body to the first one, but has exposed tubes bent in the shape of the commands like the second signal. 

Aluminum Econolite Neon Pedestrian Signal CLICK HERE! Econolite Neon WAIT WALK pedestrian signal. CLICK HERE!



Now here are some other neon pedestrian signals that are not in The Traffic Signal Museum's collection.


Crouse Hinds

Crouse Hinds made at least a couple different designs of neon pedestrian signals. 
One was a rectangular shape similar to the Econolites above, but one was a long horizontal design that wasn't seen as much. 
Some of these were known to have been used in the Detroit area in the 60's. 
Unlike Econolite signals, the WALK indication only lit up green. The sequence is believed to have been...

The Youtube video below supports this.

This Youtube video shows these signals in use. 
Fast forward to about 1:20 to see them. 
At 1:32, there is a pole partially blocking the signal, but it is flashing DONT & WALK for the clearance interval.



Here is a Crouse Hinds WAIT/WALK pedestrian signal.
Thanks to Randy T. aka 3liteguy for use of the pictures!

ICC Neon pedestrian signal

Here is a neon signal with a modular insert by ICC.
Thanks to Cameron for the pics!


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