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This page features 12 inch single face signals.

All of the pictures below are animated gifs and may take some time to load completely.

Crouse Hinds Art Deco aluminum signal 12 inch glass lenses
Crouse Hinds Art Deco Style Aluminum Signal with 12 inch glass lenses. I have never seen 12 inch smiley lenses like the 8 inch signals have. Click on the picture to see inside this signal.
Econolite 12 inch Bulls-eye signal with glass lenses
Econolite 12 inch "Bulls-Eye" signal. The name Bulls-Eye comes from the unique pattern on the back of the signal bodies that resembles a bulls eye. Click on the signal to see more pictures.
This 12 inch aluminum signal is made by Eagle. The animation on the left shows the operation of obsolete LEFT turn signals in Michigan. Some LEFT signals in Michigan begin a flashing RED indication when the thru traffic gets a green so that the LEFT traffic can proceed when the on coming thru traffic is clear. Once the thru traffic is stopped by a red signal, the LEFT traffic gets a green arrow, yellow arrow and then back to solid red. To see an animation of this that may provide a better understanding, click here. This type of signal function is now being phased out and replaced with 4 section signals with a flashing yellow arrow for the permissive phase of the LEFT turn signal. I have added an animation to show the operation of the new LEFT flashing yellow arrow signal.

Plastic Eagle Durasig head, 12 inch lenses
Eagle Durasig 12 inch head with plastic lenses. This is one of the few signals in my collection that has never seen actual service on the street. Click on the picture to see more pictures of this and other durasig signals.
Automatic Signal/LFE Polycarbonate signal with 12 inch plastic lenses. After owning this signal for about 4 years, it was upgraded with LED modules which replaced the lenses and reflectors. Place your mouse over the picture to see this upgrade. Click on the picture for more pictures of this and other LFE/Automatic Signal signals.
McCain Traffic Supply Aluminum 12 inch Signal with glass lenses.
McCain Traffic Supply Aluminum 12 inch Signal. This signal is one of my least favorites. There is just nothing special about it. I call it my "Plain Jane McCain".
Plastic Automatic Signal from LFE Corp, 12 inch lenses Here is a signal that was a surprise to me! It is a poly 12 inch signal made by Automatic Signal/LFE. The reason it was a surprise is because one of my aunts saw my signal collection and decided to purchase this signal when she found it at a flea market. She told me that it was for my son, so I put it on the wall in his bedroom. It is identical to the other 12 inch poly LFE signal pictured above, except for the black doors and visors on the other one. Click on the picture for more pictures of a signal like this one and other LFE/Automatic Signal signals.
Here is another McCain Traffic Supply signal head. It sports Leotek LED arrow modules and tunnel visors. The LED's are very bright and use much less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. Here is a Marbelite signal head from the 1970's. To see more pics, and some history of this signal, click on the signal.

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